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Today’s Top AdSpy Coupons, Offers and Promo Codes: 2024

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AdSpy Coupon Code AdSpy Exclusive Offer $75 off for first month BLOGE50
Adspower Promo Code Subscribe to Adspy at $74.00 USD monthly AFFTWEAKS
Adspower Discount Code Get $50 OFF for first three months ($150 Total discount value coupon) BLOGE50
Adspower Promo Offer Get 1000+ Free Ad Views AFFTWEAKS
Adspower Discount Offer Get $50 OFF for first three months BLOGE50

Connect With The Biggest Spying Network – AdSpy

Do you want to know how your competitors are advertising on Facebook and Instagram? Adspy is a powerful ad spy tool that tells you everything you need to know about your competitors' campaigns. With Adspy, you can track any competitor's campaigns on social media and see the exact ads they're running. Find out their most successful ads and save yourself from wasting money on ads that don't work.

AdSpy has been one of the most potent FB and Social spy tools in the market, with world's largest searchable databases of Facebook and Instagram ads. Using a unique array of data and innovative search functionality, uncovering the advertisements you need here to see becomes a simple task.

The company claims to have more than 117 million ads in 216 countries with a huge database and network of more than 17 million advertisers.

Detailed AdSpy Review:

Adspy is one of the leading ad spy tools in the internet marketing industry. It provides a lot of features that are necessary for today's social media advertising.

It is easy to find relevant ads on Adspy by comparing the market and the ads. In the case of social media advertising, it has a large number of tools for finding new marketing methods and strategies using ad spy tools. The sheer volume of variable traffic on the FB and Insta platforms is enough to excite any digital market.

AdSpy Review

AdSpy empowers you with this traffic and drives your business to huge profits, and ROI. Adspy is an intelligent spying tool that searches for ads by keywords and allows you to search by an affiliate network, affiliate ID, offers ID, landing page technologies, and more.

AdSpy helps you spy on your competitors' advertising campaigns and copy them. You can track your keywords, find lucrative micro-niches, and position your Fb and mobile ad campaigns appropriately.

AdSpy Free Facebook Ad Spy Tool

  • There is no free plan at Adspy but using our unique coupon code; you get 1000 views free as a trial.
  • The free Facebook AdSpy tool allows you to search by keyword, category, country, and advertiser.
  • You can also filter the ads by the date of the ad or the last click date.
  • The AdSpy free Facebook ad spy tool is an excellent tool for finding new profitable ads across various verticals and countries.

How to Use AdSpy Coupon Code?

  • Visit the website and then choose a coupon you like by clicking on the button “Get Code/Get Deal.”
  • This will open a new tab that takes you to
  • Select and copy the code that is highlighted in yellow on this page (in place of the button after clicking)
  • Paste your code in the appropriate box at the checkout page of Adspy.
  • Or, if you see it is a deal (not a code), click “Get Deal” to view and save money.

Step 1: Access the AdSpy Website

AdSpy Coupon

Click on the “AFFTWEAKS” coupon, it will redirect you to the official AdSpy website. When you click on the coupon code, the code will get copied automatically.

Step 2: Go to the subscriber

Adspy coupon

Click on the ‘subscribe' button on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Apply the SavingMojo’s Exclusive Coupon Code

Adspy step 3 (1)On top of the page, you could see in the highlighted red box where it reflects the discounted amount and gives the information about the money you have saved on your plan.

Fill in your details carefully and proceed for a secure checkout by clicking on the Pay button once it is highlighted to you.

Enjoy your savings
Hopefully, you saved a lot!

AdSpy Features

AdSpy offers some excellent advanced features that others haven't considered or can't implement. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Large Pool of Data: AdSpy has an extensive database. The company insisted on creating the most comprehensive feature advertising intelligence tool. This formidable tool displays over 117 million Ads from over 17 million Advertisers. In addition to all this, the Adspy network is spread across a huge network of more than 216 countries.
  2. Search, and Filter AdSpy search and filters feature more search options than any other ad intelligence tool in the market. For this reason, you can search and filter your data efficiently and effectively.

These advanced filters include:

  • Media Type: The media type filter option lets you explore different media types such as photos, videos, etc. Well, this, as a result, can help you get along the type of media that is best suitable for you and compare that with your competitors.
  • Site Type: This filter lets you explore different options like Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Advertiser: This section will let you explore the advertiser's username and User ID.
  • Tech used: Well, this filter can be a great asset for marketers as this can help you with excellent tools like WooCommerce, KISSmetric, Amazon Webstore and many more.
  • Created between: This filter lets you explore around the time frame when the Ad was created.
  • Seen between: Let you get along with the time window when the Ad was seen.
  • Language and much more

Adspy offers some additional features, including daily likes, total likes, networks, buttons, age and much more.

#3. Enhanced Basic Search: Do you want to know who is advertising on Facebook? AdSpy enhanced basic search feature can help you find out.

AdSpy is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for your business. This feature helps you find the perfect ads to advertise. It allows for search by the text in the ad, the advertiser's name, the type of media it uses, the number of likes it has, etc. You can even use it to track competitors, measure performance, and more.

#4. Search through comments: Search through comments feature is to find out what people are saying about your brand. One can easily monitor competitors' brands as well as your brand. Also, there is an option that one can use to check what has had positive or negative feedback on your brand. Overall, this feature of searching through comments can be an excellent thing, as you can build better strategies while getting customer reviews.

#5. Accurate Demographics: AdSpy employs an AI algorithm to sniff your competitor's target market. It does this by taking advantage of its advertisements' location, gender, and age range.

Exploring these advanced filters can help you get stuck to your local and international market depending upon your online marketing strategy. In this way, you can correctly search for their target market and see if you can take advantage of it. This can be an excellent thing overall as this feature enables you to get along with a more precise target and analysis.

#6. Calling affiliates: AdSpy is a tool that helps affiliates find ads by affiliate networks. One can use affiliate ID or Offer ID to find out what offers or ads other affiliates promote.

This feature makes AdSpy a great platform that helps affiliates find other offers to promote. You can search for specific offers or networks and see the best affiliate promotions. As a result, you can perform better search operations meanwhile getting along with the huge database of ads and making strategies by keeping affiliate networks in mind.

#7. Rapid interface: You are looking for an efficient way to search for effective ads and offers. AdSpy has a user-friendly interface that allows you to search millions of ads in just a few simple clicks, making it the fastest way to find what you need. The fast servers with efficient programming and easy-to-use interface make a great mixture of fast searching and accessibility.

With servers that are always running, efficient programming, clear interfaces, and well-presented data take your research to the top level.

Save Ads for later

The save ads option can be a valuable asset that can help you with a number of things. As mentioned above, Adspy offers a pretty extensive list of Ads that include various options, and this is where searching across these things can turn out to be very time-consuming. The save ads let you save these ads that can be used for several things like saving things, basically works like Instagram's save post option. As a return, this can help you search for Ads as per your search filters and save them so that you can make better marketing strategies without wasting any time.

Download Ads

You can easily download any ads using Adspy. This feature can be considered one of the best features that make Adspy an excellent tool. You need to get to the info symbol (i), which will get you along with the page containing details. Now, look out for the download button and you are done downloading the ad.

AdSpy Pricing Plans | Exclusive AdSpy Discount Coupons

AdSpy is not a priceless advertising spy tool in the market. Here, you get a $149/month plan, and you can enjoy all the goodies that come with this powerful spy tool.

AdSpy Pricing

The price structure is as follows:

  • Free: Get 20 free searches on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube with no restrictions on search filters.
  • Basic: Unlimited searches on Facebook, but with limited options for search filters. Try it free for $1, then pay $49/mo.
  • Standard: Unlimited Facebook and Instagram searches, excluding lander properties filters. Try it for $7 for 5 days, then $99/mo.
  • Premium: This is where the software starts to shine, and you'll gain access to unlimited searches and all available filters on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Start with a $7 trial, then $149/mo.
  • Platinum: Everything in the premium plan, including Google network for $249/mo. Trial for $7.
  • Titanium: This plan unlocks Native content at $299/mo with a $7 trial.
  • Palladium: The whole enchilada for $349/mo, including GDN. It also has a trial at $7.

YouTube video


  1. Enhanced search
  2. Lots of useful, actionable intelligence
  3. Accounts can be shared without limits. Get Extra 50K views for an additional $50/month.
  4. Affordable
  5. Massive database


  1. Searches often time-out
  2. Some featured Ads are spammed on Fb.


How do I register on AdsSpy?

Click on Sign Up and provide your details, followed by payment. Once the price is successful, you will be able to log in and use AdSpy.

How fast is Adspy Support?

Adspy support is speedy. For a great tool like this, the reply or turn-around time must be around 24 hrs, but I was amazed by their average ticket reply time. It was instant in a few minutes.

How do I find the best and most profitable ads?

AdSpy finds the ads running on Facebook based on the niche market and keywords a user selected to scrape the ad's example.

What to do when I don't find specific ads?

If you don't find specific ads, change your keyword. If you still don't see the particular advertisements you're looking for, log in to your account and click on “User Suggestions” and ask us about the profile you are looking for. For instance, Country, Age, and anything you would want to know about, and we will add that profile.

Conclusion: Adspy Coupon 2024

Stop wasting your time on social media ads and use the #1 ad spy tool to see what's happening behind the scenes! With Adspy's social media marketing platform, you'll always know what your competitors are doing, how they're doing it, and what you need to do next to outsmart them. Track your campaign effectiveness by allocating budget & measuring ROI with ease.

Create & test successful ads from predefined templates. AdSpy is a great Spy Tool, especially if you are an affiliate marketer. It provides all the insights you need to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

AdSpy is designed so that it can be used by people who have no or small knowledge about online marketing, as well as those who have already made their way in this field. In simple words, if you are looking forward to making your way in terms of advertising, Adspy is made for you.

Any internet marketer who has used a social advertising spying tool before is well worth looking at. Those who are just starting will find themselves in the fortunate position of having AdSpy at their disposal. So, if you are looking for an ads spy tool that can help you run a successful ad campaign, maybe Adspy can be an excellent fit for you.

One should take the opportunity to buy this excellent deal right now while prices are at this level. Get a trial for just $7 to see all the fuss is about, and we think it's a no-brainer! Grab the updated AdSpy discount coupon code here and take advantage of saving your money.