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Stop Thumb Sucking for Good With TGuard

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About TGuard

TGuard (formerly ThumbGuard) is the # 1 sucker guard since 1995 for your loved one. It is a soft, flexible device that dentists, orthodontists, and pediatricians have recommended to curb the thumb-sucking habit for more than 20 years. TGuard has helped thousands of children to stop damaging their oral habits within one month. In many cases, the habit was eliminated in less than one week. The thumb-sucking guard is fastened to the wrist using a colorful, disposable guard bracelet.

TGuard Intro

The thumb-sucking guard is fastened to the wrist using a colorful, disposable guard bracelet. It offers Nipit Hand Stooper, Thumbsie, Thumb Sucking Glove, Tguard AeroThumb, TGuard AeroFinger, each uniquely designed for incredible results.


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The thumb or finger-sucking habit is a tough habit to break, and TGuard understands that many parents can be worried about beginning this necessary journey. This sucker feeling, or children's suction over time, is associated with warmth and comfort, and by itself, provides pleasure. The TGuard sucking guards do not prevent the thumb or finger from entering the mouth, but they prevent suction from forming, so there is no longer any pleasure in the habit. Without happiness, there is no incentive for the children to continue. These finger and thumb-sucking detergents help them to get rid of the habit quickly and painlessly.

TGuard Features

It is essential to quickly fix destructive behaviors to health problems before they can cause permanent and costly damage. With finger and thumb sucking guards, the urge to continue these harmful habits becomes a thing of the past. When you need products to prevent finger sucking in its path, choose TGuard, the number one dentist recommended anti-thumb and finger sucking device. Find out your child in 30 days or less, and invest in a plastic thumb or finger guard today.

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The safety stand websites are many, but TGuard is well tested and a particular dress, designs for quick results. The material is well waterproof and clinically proven, and top shoppers give the certificate.
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TGuard Pros & Cons


  • Soft FDA-approved plastic used.
  • Flexible & Ergonomic
  • Washable
  • Good customer support


  • Kids chew on it
  • Difficult to use and expensive

FAQ For TGuard

What is included in the treatment kit?

TGuard AeroThumb and TGuard Classic treatment kits include:

  • 1 ambidextrous ThumbGuard appliance
  • 30 multicolored, lockable bracelets
  • 1 Interlock
  • Reward chart + stickers
  • One set of instructions

TGuard AeroFinger and TGuard FingerGuard treatment kit include:

  • 1 FingerGuard appliance that can be worn on either hand
  • 30 multicolored, lockable bracelets
  • Reward chart + stickers
  • One set of instructions


What size should I order?


Size Small: Suitable for children younger than 4, whose weight is less than 18 kg

Size Medium: Suitable for children aged 5 to 6, whose weight is between 18 kg and 25 kg

Size Large: Suitable for children older than 7, whose weight is greater than 25 kg

If your child is in between sizes, such as a child who weighs around 18 kg, or is 4.5 years old, order a smaller size if the child is taller / thinner than an average child of their age, or order a larger size if the child is shorter / heavier than an average child of their age.

Children younger than 3 can still use the product, as the size small can be adjusted adequately. If you see that the child switches from thumb to finger sucking, you must TGurad.

The chart shown above will work for the majority of children. If your child is in between sizes (for example, an almost 5-year-old who weighs 18 kg), you can try using a circumference chart by visiting the official site.


Does the lock-band every day change?


Yes. The lock-bands, once locked, cannot be removed and must be cut to take the appliance off. Each kit comes with 30 disposable lock bands.


Conclusion: TGuard Updated Review 2024

By covering the thumb and leaving the air gap in a band so, the child cannot create suction and losing their sense of comfort and eventually stopping the habit of thumb. The TGurad concept is smart to take care of your child—the shipping across the area, city, id done as per the given address. Shop with a lower flat rate and feel free from dental problems. Browse and grab a new offer from the good receiver that is, where you get the first to guard video, guidelines, protection masks that are designed for your kid.
This is a great product and is really working. The product is a little overpriced for what the materials are, but there the cost was worth it. If you think you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee, save the packaging and everything that comes in the box because you have to return everything within the time window to get your refund. TGuard has offered to put an end to your baby's thumb-sucking habits, plus you will get them while enjoying exclusive discounts, coupons, and promos. The special users get the daily offers with extra promo cover. The sizing current & active valid aerothumub promotional code is here. Just copy and paste the given code.