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Today’s Latest Airestech Coupons, Offers and Promo Codes: 2024

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Airestech Coupon Code Get 25% OFF Sitewide (Verified Code) AFFTweaks
Airestech Promo Save 10% (Bundle Offer) Get Deal
Airestech Coupon Offer Free Shipping Deal (Limited Time) Get Deal

Airestech Review: Best Electromagnetic Radiation Gadgets

In the past couple of decades, there has been an enormous and rapid surge in the prevalence of technology in our daily lives. Several scientific studies have demonstrated that the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) generated by various gadgets can have a direct consequence on our health and has become a source of stress for our nervous system.

The Airestech technology can serve as a proactive solution for protecting our well-being and overall health in the long run. This technology produces stable EMR that is compatible with nature and corresponds to our biological energies, thus avoiding any undesirable outcomes it may have on human health.

More about Airestech:

Devices built with Airestech technology generally come with a protective purpose. There are models designed to monitor the appliances in a room, and some that can fit in your pocket to provide defines from any harmful radiation. Additionally, there are items that should be placed in the vicinity of the radiation source to block it. These products from Airestech can be divided into four distinct categories, namely LifeTune device, LifeTune mini or pet, LifeTune personal, and LifeTune room.

Airestech Review

How Airestech Work?

Airestech incorporates nanotechnology in order to diminish the adverse effects of ENR. This technology functions on a Nano scale where electromagnetic radiation runs at minimum thicknesses of 600,000 nanometres.

To start using the Airestech device, you must store it in a secure, dark, and cool spot. Make sure it is in a secure place and keep your pets away from it. The appliance is compatible with laptops and personal computers, along with smart TVs and screens, plus it will work while driving. It is also effective with baby monitors, Wi-Fi networks, and other similar wireless gadgets.

Airestech Categories:

Airestech EMR safety devices can be divided into four distinct categories; Lifetune Device, Lifetune Personal, Lifetune Mini or Pet, and Lifetune Room. Certain devices are designed to protect a specific tool and others are meant to monitor an entire room. Some of these units are attached to a wireless device to stop radio waves from emanating and others are small enough to fit in a pocket to shield people from radiation.

Lifetune Device: This company considers this product to be its most remarkable offering. It works by using an electromagnetic radiation modulation technique to lessen the radiation which is emitted from wireless devices like cell phones, laptops, cordless phones, wireless headset, baby monitors and so on. When a person attaches the Airestech life tune device to their wireless device, it automatically starts to obstruct any type of radiation that could be dangerous for human health.

Features of Lifetune Device:

  • This instrument is equipped with a strong and durable resin shield ground layer that prevents damage from external sources.
  • It has a microprocessor with 1419857 circular resonators that results in an extensive coverage of 6.5 feet.
  • This chip is powered with two varied resonator antennas that make optimal use of the surrounding electromagnetic radiation.
  • The CPU produces temperature emissions which are taken in by the device's infrared radiation, thus shielding the power supply.
  • The tool also includes a self-adhesive coating, allowing you to attach it to the surface without causing harm.

Lifetune Mini: The Lifetune Mini is a device that modulates electromagnetic radiation from digital devices in order to guard individuals and animals from its potential effects. This device is designed to be resilient to active lifestyles, Pets, waterproof, and long-lasting.

Features of Lifetune Mini:

  • The two strong, transparent resin sheaths defend the tool from environmental harm, making it sturdier and more impervious to water than other Airestech EMR safety products.
  • 16S5G microprocessors are located at the front and rear, with 1,419,857 resonators in a round shape inscribed in the topological pathway.
  • The most assorted duo of resonator antennas amplify the chip by exploiting the encompassed EMR.

Lifetune personal: This Airestech product is affordably priced. Similar to other devices, this tool has been designed to guard individuals from the detrimental impacts of EMR produced by close-by digital gadgets. People can either take the Lifetune personal and hang it around their neck or slip it into a pouch to protect them from the negative outcomes of regular electronic gadgets, cell towers, strong lines, and also private conversation devices.

Features of Lifetune personal:

  • The package includes more than just 32 feet;
  • There are four 161 engraved resonators with a spherical shape and each of the microprocessors has a topological circuit on their front and back.

Lifetune room: The Lifetune Room is the best product in the Airestech catalogue and provides complete protection from electromagnetic radiation (EMR). After it is placed in a vital area, the Lifetune Room functions without interruption and is unaffected by EMR. A number of people take advantage of the Lifetune Room in places like their living room, office, or any other place with a high EMR count. Additionally, many people use the Lifetune Room when they are traveling to work, to defend themselves from EMR.

Features of Lifetune room:

  • The device has two microprocessors that quickly reduce the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation.
  • It is covered with a coating that absorbs infrared light and permits thermal emissions to go through from the microprocessors.

Airestech Price and Refund Policy:

Refund policy: Airestech offers a 30-day full refund program. If the product fails to deliver its promised results, customers are eligible to receive the full amount they paid, minus the cost of delivery.

Pricing policy: The official website for this product offers the following prices:

  • The LifeTune device is priced at $72.95
  • The LifeTune mini is available for $179.99
  • The LifeTune personal begins at $249.99
  • The LifeTune room is sold for $299.95

Airestech Pros and Cons:


  • Provides protection from electromagnetic radiation
  • Utilizes three silicon-based advanced microprocessors
  • Reduces negative effects of electromagnetic radiation in residential areas
  • Provides a safer living environment


  • No major shortcomings have been identified with this device.

How to order with Airestech (Step by Step)

Step 1 – Visit their website Airestech.

Step 2 – Click on “Shop” Button. It will take you to their Product catalogue page having various categories to choose your favourite products from.

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Step 3 – Choose your favourite product and “Add to your cart”. It will take you their checkout page.

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Airestech Highlights:

🏢 HQ – The company is headquartered in Canada with manufacturing in the EU and distribution in U.S. and Canada.

📆 Founded – 2012

🚀 Features – EMF Radiation Protection Device.

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💻 Website:

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Airestech is a technology business that makes gadgets which protect people from electromagnetic radiation. They are aiming to be one of the most popular names in the industry. Most items like Smart TVs, radios, mobile phones, computers, Bluetooth speakers, etc. emit EMR. Aristech’s Lifetune product helps to protect people from the negative effects of this radiation. Furthermore, the company provides scientific evidence that proves the efficiency of their solutions in blocking certain EMR.

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Airestech: FAQ

How do I redeem Airestech discount coupons?

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More details about Airestech:

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