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Hire your first employee free for a year.
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Oyster Review 2024: #1 Employee Management Software

Oyster is actually a distributed HR platform that empowers various companies to hire, pay and cater to top-quality talent regardless of geographical location. They do this by connecting employees with employers in a mutually beneficial way.

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More About Oyster

As the global payroll vendor landscape continues to grow and change, Oyster stands out for their ability to help with hiring, compliance, benefits, payroll, and other HR processes in over 180 countries. Hiring and on boarding A-players, regardless of their location, can be accomplished in a matter of days with the help of Oyster. Another great thing about Oyster is that they are a remote company too. They care about you, the quality of your work, and your happiness.

Oyster Review

Some Key Features of Oyster

  • Aggregated invoices: Well you can easily manage all invoices on just one portal and you can also pay all to all your global team members just from the same place in a few clicks.
  • Expense reimbursement: Oyster also offers a tool called Oyster Reimburse, which is a buy-back program that allows employers to reimburse employees for all kinds of work-related expenses.
  • Local health benefits: Well you can get local health benefits covered for employees in 175 countries all under the same healthcare plan. An added advantage you get with this benefit is that it can be accessible even while doing a short or long-term travel to every country on planet earth.

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